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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

Reckon we should have known it would be a rough day for Bulldog signalmen when before a hike could be hutted a flag flew for delay of game. The very first Dog d.o.g. of this whole 2009 season in fact, and no they can't blame your editor for jinxing it as I hadn't broached the topic for weeks. Never mind that the penalty was due to a faulty play clock.

Or, that our esteemed SEC referee didn't have the dignity to retrieve his hankie and wave off the call caused by obvious mechanical mishap. Not then, anyway; he sure as heck had no problem saying never-mind in the fourth quarter after flagging—finally!—a couple of Hogs for grappling openly with Pernell McPHee; instead he casually picked up the yellow laundry and went downfield where the long pass... Recommended Stories

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