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Outside The Helmet, October 26

Outside The Helmet, October 26

Bully BarkLine, the radio show that is exclusively about Mississippi State athletics that airs every Tuesday night 7-8 at The Little Dooey in Starkville, has a feature called 'Outside The Helmet' which is produced each week by Bully BarkLine guest host Melissa Tomlinson. This past Tuesday, Melissa and I talked with football players Kyle Love, Royce Blackledge and Gabe O'Neal.

Gene: When did you first start playing football? Gabriel O'Neal - "I started very early. I played YMCA football when I was about seven. I actually played every sport all through high school. I just got a great opportunity to play football here, so that's why I'm here." Gene: You were also a very good student in high school weren't you? And did it carry over to college as well? O'Neal - "Yeah, I'm... Recommended Stories

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