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Mullen: "A Lot To Learn From" Scrimmage

Mullen: "A Lot To Learn From" Scrimmage

He'd run some extra sprints after everyone except he and Damian Williams had left Scott Field. So Dak Prescott hoped to keep going towards the awaiting car, for his ride back to the Seal Complex and rest of Saturday afternoon. But, he's the #1 quarterback, and part of his job is discussing spring scrimmages with media.

Fortunately, he had a generally positive review of the offense's day. "We started off slow but we ended up picking it back up," Prescott said. "Got the momentum going and finished some drives. We got hot in the passing game and that took care of itself." Prescott and the spring first-team offense did get hot in the air mid-way, as the unofficial media-kept numbers proved. This, after the Bulldog... Recommended Stories

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