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Bulldog SEC Opener Participation List

Jamerson Love was back in action

Mississippi State used 58 players in their SEC opener, according to the best available listing provided by Auburn and subject to MSU coaches' review. They were: (*--started this game GP-GS):

*S Nickoe Whitley 2-2, *WR Jameon Lewis 3-3, *TE Malcolm Johnson 3-2, CB Jamerson Love 2-1, RB Nick Griffin 3-0, WR Fred Ross 3-0, CB Justin Cox 3-0, WR/RB Brandon Holloway 2-0, *LB Deontae Skinner 3-3, *WR Robert Johnson 3-3, *CB Cedric Jiles 3-2, LB Zach Jackson 3-0, *QB Dak Prescott 3-2, *WR Joe Morrow 3-3, TE Brandon Hill 3-1, *LB Matthew Wells 3-3, *CB Taveze Calhoun 3-3, S Deonte Evans 3-... Recommended Stories