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All-Purpose Dog Holmes Loving His Job(s)

All-Purpose Dog Holmes Loving His Job(s)

It wasn't exactly how Christian Holmes expected to become a Scott Field sensation. Instead of smacking somebody in another uniform, all this Bulldog did was send a smack at the lens. Who knew Holmes' improvisation cutting a ‘Kiss Cam' intro would so strike the public fancy? "I've had so many facebook posts and tweets about the Kiss Cam."

Don't worry that the sudden celebrity is going to Holmes' head this week. Nor will he audition to host a re-launch of ‘Love Connection' because this Bulldog would rather show how much he loves connecting with opponents. And, more to the playing-point, doing it on both sides of the ball now. Because after making the spring-season move to offense, Holmes was able to return to defense in Mississippi... Recommended Stories

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