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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

I just hauled out a SEC guide to confirm a suspicion. Yep, Media Days began July 16. So from the day I drove to Hoover, to return from Jacksonville, our season lasted two weeks shy of six full months. Not that y'all care about my calendar count as much as another ‘shy of' scenario. How did Mississippi State measure up for 2012? What did its ending signal for 2013, or the longer-term future?

This isn't a specific reference to the Gator Bowl itself. Much as we'd have enjoyed another victory there, as well as going into next winter with the nation's longest active bowl-win streak, the outcome wasn't shocking. The manner and margin, maybe, but we all saw a toss-up game. Me, I was more surprised at how the game developed with Mississippi State largely taking away Northwestern's strengths... Recommended Stories

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