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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

I wasn't here for the "Catch Us If You Can" campaign of the 1960s. I was in school during when "Dunk Away from Postseason Play" were passed out in what, 1977? And thanks to a kindly subscriber's donation I possess one of Bob Tyler's "Let's Win Something Today" tee-shirts. Smells odd even washed but it's a piece of Mississippi State history all the same. Proud or not, you be the judge.

None of the above may make much sense to younger Bulldog generations who'll have to ask elders what the heck Ye Getting Aulde Editor refers to. Kids, those were promotional slogans of them days that, well, only left Mississippi State dazed. And confused about how such fine faith went ultimately unrewarded. Hmmm, just realized Mississippi State never tried promo-tactics for baseball…but then that... Recommended Stories

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