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Frazier Going With The Flow

Adam Frazier

It's taken three months of work to get here, and Adam Frazier is pleased with the results. No, not of his batting average, even if it is best on the Bulldog team. It's the hair. More specifically, the mul…no, don't use that title. "It's my flow!" the shortstop corrects. "I call it flow!"

By whatever label, the locks are quite impressive flaring (or flowing) out from under the cap. Not styled exactly, as per say a Jeff Brantley in his hirsute prime. But Frazier would fit right in with an 80s euro-pop band. Or as a backup for Billy Ray Cyrus in the 90s. Fortunately few teammates have any clue what that means. Nor, Frazier said, do they give grief on the topic. "Nah, everybody... Recommended Stories

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