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Bulldog Post-Game Notebook

James Carmon

BIRMINGHAM -- Quarterback wasn't the only position MSU made an intermission change. For the decisive second half James Carmon took over at left tackle, having sat the first with a still-cranky knee. Well, not exactly sat. "Coach just kept saying be ready. I said Coach I'm ready, I can't keep watching no more, I've got to go play out there. He said go in the locker room and warm up and be ready."

The revised Mississippi State offense responded with just under 300 of their yards and all 21 of their points. And while QB Tyler Russell did take a loss once, both passer-protection and run-blocking showed significant improvements in the concluding two quarters. "I think that helped out a lot," said sub-QB Tyler Russell. Carmon, who'd already missed ten quarters and two whole games with a knee... Recommended Stories