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"We Kept Pounding And Kept Pounding"

GUARD/CENTER QUENTIN SAULSBERRY: Q: Talk about a running game with more yards than Houston had passing yards? "Yeah, and that's one thing Coach Mullen and Coach Hevesy explained to us. We wanted to attack. Come off the ball and do what you're supposed to do. Not just wallow and catch things, attack. A defensive player wants to get up the field, so let's reverse that, let's get up the field."

Q: What did it mean to force a turnover off a punt and convert a chance in the red zone? "Man, it was a good momentum change. And all we had to do was go execute. We express that every week-in and week-out, we have to execute on the big plays." Q: How much confidence did it give being able to keep running the ball? "It rises up to every level. You know, if you keep running the ball the next thing... Recommended Stories

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