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Brignone Pushing Harder In This Senior Summer

Brignone Pushing Harder In This Senior Summer

It isn't as if J.C. Brignone lacked for motivation already. As a veteran starter he's expected to set a team-tone in workouts. As a senior he wants to make the most of the final college year to impress pro scouts. And of course there's the desire to make 2010 a breakout Bulldog season. But now Brignone has a little extra incentive. She's over on the sideline in the stroller with Mom.

Well OK, maybe Millie Lane Brignone isn't keeping too close an eye on Dad as he sweats through one final Mississippi State summer. But J.C. Brignone does his drills as if the sixth-month-old daughter were grading his every move. "That's the craziest thing in the world," the still-giddy poppa smiles. "Knowing I've got another person to cheer for me. We were talking the other night, its going to be... Recommended Stories

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