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Relf Setting His Summer Standards Higher

Relf Setting His Summer Standards Higher

He has just spent the larger part of an hour dashing around the practice field. Yet here comes Chris Relf still moving at a fast jog following the early-morning workout. Hasn't he had enough running already? "Awww, I'm just trying to get to class!" Relf grins. "I've got human growth and development." Well, now, talk about your obvious ironies…

Because, after all, what Chris Relf was doing Wednesday morning and will be doing most weekday mornings and afternoons is focused on his own growth and development. As Mississippi State's quarterback, that is. Whether in the Holliman Complex lifting weights, outside running scripted sprints, or on that practice field tossing passes, Relf has devoted this summer to further growth as a Bulldog and... Recommended Stories

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