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A Rivalry By Any Name; Relf Ready To Rotate

A Rivalry By Any Name; Relf Ready To Rotate

Dan Mullen wasted no time showing he was in a fine post-practice mood Tuesday, when as circling scribes gathered the coach jumped that snap-count. "Want me to ask the question?" quipped Mullen, before supplying his own answer as well. "It was a good practice. Our guys came out and practiced."

Which might not count as any sort of scoop or rippled across the national wires, of course. But as the Bulldogs prepare to conclude the 2009 season with the weekend's arch-rivalry matchup of Mississippi State and Ole Miss their coach takes such a seemingly-basic thing not a bit for granted. Not as he wraps up the first season in a long-term rebuilding project. "And the one thing I've been pleased... Recommended Stories

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