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Monday Bulldog Football Notebook

Charles Mitchell

One would reasonably figure Bulldog defensive backs are on proverbial pins-and-needles to face the game's most proficient passing attack. Well, they are. But not exactly with the expected anxiety. "It's really exciting," said SS Charles Mitchell. "They threw the ball 75 times last week, so me and Marcus Washington were talking. He was like, that's 75 chances to make plays on the ball!"

Alright, that is one way of looking at Mississippi State's matchup with the high-flying Cougars. More pragmatic outlooks see a Bulldog defense that just allowed even run-based Georgia Tech to toss the ball all over Scott Field; and now must prepare for a true aerial circus. Coach Dan Mullen noted the complete change in practice philosophies the schedule has brought. "We're going to have our hands... Recommended Stories