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A Nasty Attitude

J.C. Brignone

Football is obviously a physical sport. And nowhere is it more physical than on the line of scrimmage with eight to nine men, ranging in size from 250 pounds to over 300 pounds, pounding against each other every play of the game. Brute strength and correct technique go a long way to determine the winners and losers but attitude, more appropriately a nasty attitude, is also very important.

"The strength of this offensive line is that the attitude is starting to come around," said junior center J. C. Brignone, a 15-game starter. "Being a football player, you have to have that attitude, especially being an offensive lineman. And I think we are starting to understand what it means to be a nasty offensive line - guys are starting to finish, guys are starting to run to the ball, guys are... Recommended Stories