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Cook, Tight Ends See Bigger 2009 Roles

Cook, Tight Ends See Bigger 2009 Roles

That 6-1 typo on the original roster has been fixed, now listing Kendrick Cook at his legitimate 6-4 height. But there was no mistake to the previous poundage…nor with his latest updated figure. "The weights have helped tremendously," Cook says. "I played at 235 last year. Now I'm 250 and comfortable with it."

Comfortable, and that much more competitive for what is demanded of tight ends in Southeastern Conference play. Because Kendrick Cook hasn't just gotten stouter over the course of 2009. The true sophomore has gotten tougher and smarter, which is just what Coach Dan Mullen and strength Coach Matt Balis had in mind when they introduced Mississippi State players to their training system. So far, so... Recommended Stories

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