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Lee Likes Offense's Summer Session Progress

Lee Likes Offense's Summer Session Progress

Tyson Lee exits the Holliman Center, grins at the interviewer's blinking reaction to his garb, and explains the towel-skirt worn to protect his post-practice modesty. "I'm about to get into the cold tub," Lee says, as part of the alternating heat-cool cycle after a workout session. "You do whatever you can to keep the body right, know what I mean?!"

And this summer Tyson Lee is most assuredly about getting and keeping things right. Whether making the body stronger, the mind sharper, and the arm better, Mississippi State's senior quarterback is committed to doing whatever he takes, whenever, to make 2009 right. Including putting in the extra effort in his final college summer, even if it involves that much more recovery these summer days... Recommended Stories

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