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Brignone Likes Tough Summer's Seasoning

Brignone Likes Tough Summer's Seasoning

It isn't like J.C. Brignone has not done some pretty hard work, and workouts, over the course of his college career. So his evaluation of this summer's session is worth reading and respecting. "It's been amazing. It's been by-far the toughest training that I've ever gone through and ever seen done. And I've done some tough things."

As well as proved himself a pretty tough guy along the way. Yet even the toughest Dogs can always get a little stronger, a bit faster, somewhat smarter. Or just plain tougher if you please. And Mississippi State's junior center knows precisely where and when Coach Dan Mullen wants his team to stand tallest. Toughest, too. Where is in their heads, when is at crunch time. Which is why Brignone says... Recommended Stories

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