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Defense Keeps Up Pressure In Tuesday Drills

DC Carl Torbush's troops win Tuesday's practice.

Dan Mullen knew he had a short list to begin with this first spring camp at Mississippi State. Now even the head coach needs a roster to check who is practicing or playing some spots. "I mean, our two-group has a walk-on quarterback, a guy that's been on the team for three days; and I don't even know who the third guy is. So it's tough duty that way."

Tough stuff indeed, as Mississippi State started week-three of practices with over three hours of work Tuesday afternoon. Hard work, too. Because even though the Bulldogs were in a non-tackle date, the facts that they were still wearing full padding and still being pushed by coaches, head and assistant alike, to ever-greater efforts meant bodies collided with game-type intensity. And it took a... Recommended Stories

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