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Croom Meets With Dogs Last Time Monday

Croom Meets With Dogs Last Time Monday

There is plenty else for them to do this week. But along with those end-of-semester matters, the 2008 Bulldogs wanted to hear from Coach Sylvester Croom one final time at a Monday team meeting. "He said a few words," reported assistant coach Rockey Felker. "He wasn't in there very long. He wanted to look at the players and talk to them for a few minutes."

Just a few minutes, in a meeting that lasted less than half an hour in the Shira Complex. Athletic director Greg Byrne addressed them briefly, as did staff members, on what this coaching change means for Mississippi State and for them. Most of the meeting was spent with Felker, who in the interim is overseeing the program and recruiting, running through operational details. "The main thing is... Recommended Stories

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