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Spending Gameday With MSU AD Greg Byrne

Spending Gameday With MSU AD Greg Byrne

I contacted Mississippi State Athletic Director Greg Byrne over a month ago about doing an article about what it's like to spend gameday with him. Once he understood why I wanted to do it, he very graciously agreed to my request. So, from 10:30 am to 10:15 pm Saturday, September 6th, I was his shadow - taking notes, pictures and doing interviews with numerous people along the way.

Greg's Saturday morning began with a 30-minute jog, although on this morning, as Greg said, he "slept in until 6:30." His normal jog begins at 5:30 each morning. Greg takes his jogging somewhat serious, having run two half marathon's called the Frost Bite Half Marathons the last two years. Once he's through with his jogging, he then gets ready for the day ahead. Wanting to look his best, he... Recommended Stories

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