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Bulldog Player Post-Game Quotes

Bulldog Player Post-Game Quotes

SAFETY KEITH FITZHUGH -- On wearing Jamar Chaney's #22: "Because that's my brother. He was taking it hard and we've always been close. I would want him to do the same thing for me. When I spent the night with him at the hospital I talked to him about it. He was OK. We might just pass it on, everybody I think in the senior class should wear it just to show we do love him.

"#22 is not going to be missed but Jamar is going to be missed, he's the player inside the uniform." Coach called Derek Pegues the Mercedes of the defense, so what are you? "I'll be the BMW. He can be the Mercedes 600 series, I can be the BMW 750!" On Pegues' return: "He keeps us with I guess you could say a swagger, and a lot of confidence knowing you can do anything. He brought a lot of that... Recommended Stories

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