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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

The thought arose as I was leaving the stadium for a late stint on local radio—a duty I wasn't overly excited about but which turned out to be enjoyable after all, what with J.T. Williamson and John Bond on the other headsets and a stack of barbecue ribs on the other table. Anyway, en route from the disaster site to the restaurant I realized there must be at least one other person just as upset about the evening's outcome as anyone in Bulldog Country.

It would have to be the anonymous Baylor administrator who decided the Bears would rather void that 1995 contract, pay a penalty, and not play a return game at Mississippi State here in 2004. It was this breach of deal that led State to search for an available guest for the evening of September 18. I can only hope that the faceless suit in Waco saw the score scrolling across his ESPN screen and... Recommended Stories

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