Gene's Page caught up with Pell City (AL) High School offensive lineman Jeffrey Farr and did a detailed interview about what he thought of his official visit to Mississippi State."/>

Jeffrey Farr talks about his MSU visit

Jeffrey Farr talks about his MSU visit

<img src="" align="left" width="120" height="160"> Gene's Page caught up with Pell City (AL) High School offensive lineman Jeffrey Farr and did a detailed interview about what he thought of his official visit to Mississippi State.

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Talk about your official visit to Mississippi State this weekend.
"First of all, it was a great visit. It was great. I was impressed with how well the coaches planned everything considering how short of a time they had been there. Everything went so smooth. I enjoyed every minute of it. I met Coach Croom and think very highly of him."

Was that the first time you got to meet him one on one?
"Yes sir."

What were some things you liked about him?
"He is in control. We met him the first day at the hotel. They took us in there to meet him and he explained how he was going to take over the situation at Mississippi State. He was real positive about everything."

Were there any things that surprised you about him?
"Nothing really surprised me. He is a very peoples' person. That's one thing that really caught me."

Did Coach Croom talked to you about what he likes about you as a player?
"He said he had looked at the tape of me and he is very impressed with my footwork and my physical aspect of the game. I guess how well I move and come off the ball and how I knock people off the ball."

Did you get to talk to Coach Grimes, MSU's offensive line coach?
"Yes sir. Actually, everywhere we went Coach Grimes was right behind us."

Who was your player host while at State?
"His name was John Davis. He was a redshirt freshman."

What was your impression of him?
"I liked him a lot. He was great."

Did you meet any of the other players?
"Yes sir, I met Roland Terry. I liked him a lot. I got up with him last night. I met another offensive lineman, Dio Herrara. I thought he was great, too."

Did you guys pal around while at State?
"Yes sir. During the day, we stayed with our parents doing all the tours. Toward the end of the day, we went off with our hosts and the parents went off with the coaches and athletic director. We went back to our dorms, played video games and hung out."

What was your impression of the MSU strength coach and the program he is going to put MSU football on?
"He is a real upbeat guy. I know that. He told us about the new weightroom they are going to build."

Are they expanding or are they going to build a brand new one?
"Building a brand new one."

Did he say when they were going to do that?
"I think Coach Croom said he hoped everything would be completed by next season everything would be completed."

Some MSU fans have been concerned with Coach Croom going back and forth between Green Bay and Mississippi State. What is your opinion of him for staying with Green Bay until the end of their season?
"I think highly of him for that."

So, it didn't bother you that he wasn't around for the entire visit weekend?
"No sir. It didn't bother me one bit. One of his main phrases was a man has to stick to his word. Your word is your bond."

Do you want Green Bay to win or lose against Philadelphia in today's playoff game?
"I want them to win. He told us before he left to pull for Green Bay."

Are you going to visit any other colleges?
"No sir, I am through. I am not going to visit anybody else."

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