Brown Eyes Three Visits

Brown Eyes Three Visits

Anthony Brown admits he never expected to be in this situation. The Miami, Florida standout made a commitment to Florida International before his senior campaign with all intentions of joining the FIU program. Following a strong senior season, Brown has picked up offers from the SEC. The talented defensive end reports he plans to take his visits before rendering a final decision.

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"I still have a great relationship with FIU, but at the same time I told them that I have some other offers and that I am going to take my visits," said Brown. "They are still in there with me and they understand that I want to see these other schools before I make my decision."

The "other" schools Brown refers to both hail from the Southeastern Conference's Western division.

"I haven't taken any official visits yet, but I plan to do that next month," explained Brown. "I know I am going to Mississippi State the weekend of the 24th.

"I am not sure of the date, but I am going to Arkansas and then I am going to FIU last.

"I know it's three weekends in a row."

Brown reports that his visits are more than just an excuse to have a good time.

"I want to go and spend some time with the defensive line coaches and the defensive coordinators," said Brown. "I want to know where I would fit in on the defense and how they would use me.

"I want to see all of the campuses and see all of the facilities.

"I just want to see it all and see where I feel the most home and to see how well I get along with all of the coaches."

While Brown maintains a commitment of sorts to FIU, he considers the recruiting process open.

"I am not sure when I am going to make my decision, but I am not going to rush anything," said Brown. "I want to take my visits and then just see how I feel about everything." Recommended Stories

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