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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

Most weeks column themes ‘n schemes are a grind to find. But on rare occasions an angle arises ready-made for writing. My thanks, then, to an unknown band playing an unidentified frat-row party as I left the stadium 12:40 or so ayem. You guys (or gals) may never hit bigtime but you reinforced a notion rattling ‘round the editorial mind after an unexpectedly tense Bulldog win.

I do mean unexpectedly too, as like most everyone else I'd kinda figured on at least a ten and with some defense-forced breaks maybe 14-point final margin; and reserves handling a dull fourth quarter. Sure, I also expected a heavy post-LSU letdown by Mississippi State. And while we media don't get to watch much in-season practice, we do catch enough glimpses so that the lengthening list of gimpy... Recommended Stories

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