FSNextTV: Matthew Wells Interview

FSNextTV: Matthew Wells Interview

FSNextTV: Mississippi State linebacker Matthew Wells talks to the media, October 7, 2013.

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Now that you have had the chance to watch the LSU game film, what do you feel the defense did well during the game?
"I think we communicated well. We could have played harder but we did play with good effort."

Did LSU have the most balanced offense that you have seen this year?
"Yes, as far as running and passing. They had a good running game and a good passing game."

Preston (Smith) talked about a lot of mistakes in the LSU game. How will you correct those before the Bowling Green game?
"We never want to feel like that again. We obviously want to correct our mistakes. A key thing for us Saturday was filling our gaps, something that we didn't do well. We have to go to practice and correct our mistakes."

In both the Auburn game and the LSU game it was close going into the 4th quarter. Do you feel improvement was made despite the score in the LSU game?
"Yeah, I think improvement was made. We just have to put it all together when the game comes down to it . Even if the score is not close we still have to play our game and do the right things."

How do you prevent a close game from snowballing like the LSU game did?
"You just have to stay ready and keep doing what you have been doing the whole game. Whatever happens, we just have to respond with a positive attitude."

Do you feel the chemistry of the defense improves each week?
"Yeah, I think we improve throughout the week, every week."

You have an up close view of the improvement of the defensive front. What are your thoughts about the increased pressure they are putting on the quarterback each week?
"We have a lot of talented guys on the line and the defense itself. We have young guys on the defensive line that are stepping up, Chris Jones and we have Quay Evans doing some good things. And the guys who are supposed to be doing good things are doing them as well."

What did LSU do that surprised you?
"There really weren't any surprises. We looked at the film and studied them. They really just came out and played their game."

Were you able to replicate in practice what LSU did in the game?
"Yeah, they didn't change much, if any. They just came out and played their game, just did the regular LSU thing."

What's the feeling of the defense in the locker room after giving up 59 points?
"It's obviously not what you want to give up as a defense. We just have to come back and respond the right way."

Is it easier to take lessons from the LSU game when you can look at the three good quarters as well as the one bad quarter in the game? You can see the good things you did in the three quarters.
"I would rather just put it all together and have a complete game. But we can look at the film and try to get better at the things that we messed up"

You have another game at home this Saturday. What are you looking forward to?
"I would say a win. As a defense, we want to come out fast and make the plays. If possible, we want to get a shutout."

From your perspective, after looking at the film, how much of the LSU game results was due to effort and how much was due to technique?
"There was some effort that was involved, but it was a lot of technique where it was making the right fits."

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