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From The Dawghouse - Oct 6, 2013

From The Dawghouse - Oct 6, 2013

Here's the mandatory ‘What We Learned' sort of Sunday statement, even if it is mostly a ‘what we already figured'. To wit, that Mississippi State still isn't ready to defeat top-ten opposition. Yeah, I don't expect calls from the Nobel committee for dropping this insightful bombshell. But neither is this cause for day-after gloom and doom regarding the rest of 2013.

Am I claiming to have come away from the stadium last night…oops, make that this morning, and all you need note is the time the Notebook was filed to know why these evening kickoffs are such a professional pain. Anyway, no, I did not depart DWS all satisfied and such. Losing, to all-too-familiar rivals, might not gnaw as it did 30-something seasons ago, but it does still sting. What I mean is... Recommended Stories

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