FSNextTV: Joey Swinarski Interview

FSNextTV: Joey Swinarski Interview

FSNextTV: Mississippi State true freshman outfielder Joey Swinarski, September 11, 2013 interview.

[The video is premium but the transcript of the video is free for all to read.-Gene]

Yes, people, we finally get to see the guy, Joey Swinarski. You are not only a great athlete but you are also a great student. You graduated a year early. Talk about why you decided to do that.
"It is all a question of development and which would be more beneficial to me, either playing another year of high school and not developing that much, then either getting drafted or coming here or come here a year early and start my development. That would technically make me draft eligible in two years instead of three if I had come here (after my senior year of high school)."

What kind of factor did the success MSU had this past season play in your decision?
"With their recent success that was a big deal, especially with Hunter Renfroe leaving. I felt like I needed to take a place and I felt like now was the time with all the senior outfielders here this year it was a great time to make a strong point of developing and learning from them, which I have so much. I think by next year I will be able to take a starting spot in the outfield."

On my forum people are already asking me how you compare to Hunter Renfroe. I won't ask you how you compare to him but I will ask you what is your style game?
"My style game is all powerful, all out. I swing as hard as I can, for the most part, but still under control. Really, I try to hit the ball hard everywhere I hit it. Whether it's hitting, running, throwing, everything is hard about my game."

What kind of arm do you have, velocity-wise?
"I think I have a pretty strong arm but I think I have a lot of room for development since I'm only 185 pounds right now. I think I could easily get up to the 205 to 210 range by my junior year. I think with the weight and muscle that I will put on I will definitely be able to throw a lot harder than 92 (miles per hour), like I do now."

How tough was it to give up your senior year? You could have easily been drafted between the 5th and 7th rounds and that's pretty good bonus money.
"It was pretty tough. I discussed it with my family, close friends and people who look out for me in the baseball world. We decided to follow this development (plan). Like, for example, if I got drafted out of high school after my senior year I would have made the money but I may not have had the best chance to make it to the Big Leagues one day, which is the ultimate goal. I would rather come here, develop three years, and increase my chances to make it to the Big Leagues."

I guess Chris Stratton and Hunter Renfroe are perfect examples of what you are referring to because they came to MSU and wound up being drafted in the first round.

Now that you are here at Mississippi State, what has it been like?
"It has been awesome. I'm getting along with all the guys and they have been teaching me a lot already. I love the coaches as much as I did before (I got here)."

You committed to Mississippi State really early in your recruiting process. Because of that, you probably didn't get as many offers as you would have if you had waited it out. What colleges showed interest in you, who did you unofficially visit and who did wind up offering you a scholarship?
"My visits were to UNC, NC State, South Carolina and Florida. That was all that I got to before I committed to Mississippi State. I had a couple of others lined up. Basically, the only two offers that I had were South Carolina and (Mississippi State). Right after the South Carolina visit I decided to come here. It was basically between those two and after I went to South Carolina I realized Mississippi State was the place for me."

What was it about Mississippi State?
"It was really the coaching staff and how much I could develop here and the facilities. But it all goes back to development and where I could do my best and where I could make my mark in college baseball."

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