FSNextTV: Dee Arrington Interview

FSNextTV: Dee Arrington Interview

FSNextTV: Mississippi State safety Dee Arrington August 14, 2013 interview.

Below the video is a transcript of what Dee Arrington said.

Coach Tony Hughes said you are having a pretty impressive fall camp. What's been working for you?
"Ever since I have been here I have been watching and paying attention to the guys above me. I know my role on the team and I try to do everything right. And I learn a lot in the film room. I'm just trying to step and do my part."

How has playing on the special teams helped you become a better defender?
"I'm basically on all of the special teams. When I first got on the special teams I wasn't really doing all of it. Now I just want to do it. And when I get out there I just try to do my best."

With the cornerbacks being young and inexperienced, how much do the safeties, all of whom have experience, try to lead the way for the young corners?
"When I came in they had to teach me. But it's basically communication on the back end. As long as everybody is talking we are always on the same page."

When you were in high school you played on both sides of the ball. When you got here you had to focus on the one position. How do you handle that?
"In high school I did play both sides. When I got here I only focused on one side, defense. I've always loved defense so it wasn't too bad. The only thing was I wasn't playing on defense so I had to learn how to play on special teams. At first it was kind of bad having to sit on the sidelines but I knew that was my job, sitting on the sidelines learning how to play the game the right way."

You were a star in high school. When you got to Mississippi State, you had to start over and develop as a college football player. How did you handle that the first couple of years?
"I knew I had to come up here and learn. All the older guys were ahead of me. They were that much ahead of me so I always asked them questions, trying to learn how they were doing things, how they read plays, what they did in certain situations. Basically, I tried to learn as much as possible to step my game up that much more."

There is a lot of Mississippi Gulf Coast talent up here now. What it's like having guys you competing against playing with you now?
"Yep, I played against them in high school but we are all together now."

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