FSNextTV: Elijah Staley

FSNextTV: Elijah Staley

Elijah Staley has a more complicated decision to make than most prospects. The Wheeler High School standout is picking up BCS level scholarship offers in both basketball and football. Several college programs are beginning to pick up the recruiting pace, which should make Staley a hot name this spring. See highlights of the talented two sport star in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Elijah Staley is listed at 6-7 and while that may be a bit generous, Staley looks extremely athletic for a taller guy.

He lacks the stiffness that generally comes with players his size.

A sleek runner, Staley is a threat to make big plays with his feet when he elects to tuck it and go.

Mechanically Staley still has some work to do, but he does a nice job in the vertical passing game and he shows very good zip in the underneath and intermediate routes.

Staley is not a prototypical pocket passer. With his athleticism and skill set, he appears to be better suited for a spread style offense that utilizes the zone read which makes him a threat on every single play.

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