FSNextTV: Josh Dobbs

FSNextTV: Josh Dobbs

National 300 member Joshua Dobbs is putting together a solid senior season. The talented Dobbs is hopeful that his team is ready to play its' best football of the season as the home stretch approaches. See highlights of Dobbs in action in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Joshua Dobbs is a very talented quarterback who can burn a defense over the top with his strong arm and with his feet when protection breaks down.

Dobbs plays in a spread offense that allows him a lot of room to make plays and to distribute the ball to his playmakers.

Josh has very good vision and can fire the ball through tight passing windows and into the hands of an open receiver.

As a runner, Dobbs has proven to be a real threat. Alpharetta has some called running plays for Dobbs, but he is at his best when he can use his athleticism to improvise.

Josh has cleaned up some mechanical issues over the course of the last year. His footwork is better and his release appears to be quicker.

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