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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

A week ago we debated the rhetorical question, were the Bulldogs the 23rd-best club in the country as of that day? Beyond holding that polling position, of course. So a Sunday later following another, oh, let's call it interesting evening, and with sustained standing in the new polls, we revise the question. Exactly how good is #21 Mississippi State anyway?

Quick answer, and the one Dan Mullen assuredly supports: good enough to run September unscathed. One of, let's see, six Southeastern Conference squads unbeaten at the equinox. Whatever else one thinks and whatever else is to be said, let's keep this fact foremost in all evaluations. The Bulldogs are four-and-go and it has been many long, weary years since we could say so. And yet…if judged by the... Recommended Stories

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