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From The Dawghouse

From The Dawghouse

I've been scouring the memory banks for a few hours now. Not for usual boring stats ‘n records reasons though. I'm trying to recall when during my own Dog days, ranging from student-to-scribe, there has not been any sort quarterbacking controversy. Answer: not very darn often. But then I speak only of fan and media perception. Because from the perspective which counts most…there isn't one.

Yeah, you read rightly. No quarterback controversy, as we who live and work outside the second floor, north end, Bryan Building understand the term. Oh, of course, there will be hectares of virtual bandwith burned, hours of airtime occupied, and quite a few barrels of ink poured onto the topic of Who Should Start for Mississippi State. And I'll be just as guilty as the rest of my tribe in fanning... Recommended Stories

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