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From The Dawghouse

Stopped in the Bryan parking lot to unload the media peer-passenger, I glanced across the lake to notice a familiar figure making his annual October 1…oops, already 2, arrival. There was Orion hovering on the horizon, club cocked to swat that pesky bull in the snout. At the moment it felt as if I'd been clubbed by afternoon Athens events and seeing stars from shuddering stretches of Highway 82.

For that matter more than a few Mississippi State fans today belong to a clubbed-in-the-head club. Not just from the 24-10 thumping administered by an improving Georgia, umm, club. But from the noggin-knocking comment Dan Mullen offered afterwards. "We're trying to get six wins, get ourselves to a bowl game, and continue to build this program into the future. We've got to find a way to get a win... Recommended Stories

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