Find out what Grenada HS DE Glenn Tillman, St. John HS C Matt Crittenden, North Pike HS RB/SS Glover Quinn and St. Martin HS QB T.J. Windham had to say about their recruitment.

Pictured: Glenn Tillman"/>

Recruiting Article, May 16, 2003

Recruiting Article, May 16, 2003

<img src="" align="left" width="122" height="160"> Find out what Grenada HS DE Glenn Tillman, St. John HS C Matt Crittenden, North Pike HS RB/SS Glover Quinn and St. Martin HS QB T.J. Windham had to say about their recruitment.<P> <small><em>Pictured: Glenn Tillman</em></small>

Glenn Tillman is a 6-foot-5, 210-pound defensive end who plays for Grenada High School in Grenada, Mississippi.

One of the fastest defensive ends in the state of Mississippi, Glenn runs the forty yard dash in 4.5 seconds. Another example of his speed is his 4th place finish in both the 100 meters and 200 meters during the most recent state championship track meet in the 4A classification.

A first-team All-Area selection, Glenn told me that he wants to "go to the (May 18th) Nike Camp. I think our coach wants us to go to (the) Ole Miss and (Mississippi) State (camps), too."

Receiving letters from colleges such as "Nebraska, Colorado, Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Memphis, Tennessee, Southern Miss," Glenn told me that he has received a spring evaluation recruiting call from Ole Miss.

When asked what teams are his favorite schools this early in the recruiting process, Glenn told me "Tennessee, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Auburn and Alabama."


  • Tennessee - Medium
  • Mississippi State - Medium
  • Nebraska - Medium
  • Auburn - Medium
  • Alabama - Medium
  • Matt Crittenden, a 6-foot-3, 290-pound offensive lineman, plays for St. John High School in Gulfport, Mississippi.

    Although he wasn't able to play football his junior season due to a Mississippi high school transfer rule (public school to private school), Matt was the starting center for Hancock High School his 10th grade season prior to transferring to St. John High School between his 10th and 11th grade seasons. He will not only play center this coming season, but some defensive tackle as well.

    Matt is not only strong (330 bench, 600 squat), but is also quick (5.1 forty) for his size. A power lifter, Matt, during his 10th grade year, earned 4th place honors at the state championship meet after winning his district meet and South State.

    At this time, Matt, who is a Nike Camp invitee, told me "I haven't really decided" what other camps he will attend.

    A Mississippi gulf coast native all his life, Matt is an exceptional student in the classroom and has scored extremely well on the ACT.

    As for who is mailing him letters, Matt has a long list, including quite a few Ivy League schools. Matt said, "Harvard, Stanford, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, USM, Arkansas, Virginia, Columbia sent me one, Alabama sent me one, LSU, Middleberry, a small school in the northeast, Michigan has sent me a letter, one from the University of Louisana-Monroe and Vanderbilt."

    Although not set in stone, Matt said he has "thought about going into pre-med or business and maybe get an MBA" when he attends college.

    With a spring evaluation recruiting call from "Harvard" already on the table, Matt, when asked what schools he likes, said "although I'm really not sure right now, Vanderbilt is a pretty nice school. They have pretty nice academics and it's not too far away. Harvard, I guess. I kind of like Mississippi State because my sister (junior-to-be Jessica Crittenden) is up there. You can also put Ole Miss on the list. I'm pretty interested in LSU. Arkansas looks pretty good from the letters they have sent. I really haven't decided yet."


  • Vanderbilt - Medium
  • Harvard - Medium
  • Mississippi State - Medium
  • Ole Miss - Medium
  • LSU - Medium
  • Arkansas - Medium
  • Glover Quinn is a 5-foot-11, 195-pound running back/strong safety who plays for North Pike High School in Summit, Mississippi.

    Glover, who runs a 4.5 forty with a 4.4 best time, earned All-District as a safety the past two seasons.

    An exceptional student with a better than qualifying score, Glover is receiving letters from Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Dartmouth as well as Stanford, Duke, Rice, SEC schools such as MSU, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn and other schools such as Illinois, Nebraska, Southern Miss and Colorado.

    When asked what camps he hopes to attend this year, he mentioned the May 18th Nike Camp, "the Mississippi State (football) camp and a USM basketball camp."

    He has also received a recruiting call this spring. "Coach (Steve) Campbell called from Mississippi State," said Glover. "He's pretty nice. I like him."

    Schools that he likes at this point in the recruiting process include "Mississippi State, mainly. I like LSU, Auburn. I kind of like Nebraska, but it's quite a ways away. I also kind of like Arkansas a little bit, too."


  • Mississippi State - High
  • LSU - Medium
  • Auburn - Medium
  • Arkansas - Medium
  • Nebraska - Low
  • T.J. Windham, 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, is one of the top quarterbacks on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

    Playing at St. Martin High School, T.J. made the 2nd team All-District team this past season.

    T.J. is planning on attending the May 18th Nike Camp, but hasn't decided what other camps he will be attending this summer.

    Another excellent student with a very good ACT score, T.J. is receiving letters from several Ivy League schools as well as Southern Miss, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Stanford, Rice, Louisiana Tech and Delta State.

    When asked what schools he is interested in at this time, T.J. said "(Mississippi) State, Ole Miss and Southern. LSU, Alabama. And you can put Rice on there, too."


  • Mississippi State - Medium
  • Ole Miss - Medium
  • Southern Miss - Medium
  • LSU - Medium
  • Alabama - Medium
  • Rice - Medium

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