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Day Focused For First State Starting Shot

Day Focused For First State Starting Shot

Technically they were still on the proverbial same page. There was just one item John Hevesy did not tell just one player. The Bulldog blocking coach informed only the rest of the squad their substitute center was going to mess something up. "No, I didn't know that!" Dillon Day said. "I'm glad I know it now! That does sound like him."

Thing is, such inside information is no longer of any use to Day. With almost five complete SEC quarters' worth of snaps under his Bulldog belt, the young center has used up that debut-error quota. Especially so because come Saturday, there is every chance Dillon Day doesn't just play; he is tentatively scheduled to start. "It's crazy, the luck of the draw," said Day. "You never want it to happen... Recommended Stories

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