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Scrimmage Results A Big Hit With Mullen

Scrimmage Results A Big Hit With Mullen

They weren't explicitly fair game, or at least that wasn't the plan. But as Saturday's scrimmage developed and the hits kept coming, those red jerseys worn by Bulldog quarterbacks gradually took on other shades. Such as, black and blue? Well, whatever the plans, Dan Mullen didn't just enjoy the contact. He encouraged it, such as at one point yelling "It's not flag football, hit somebody!"

"Yeah, they're supposed to have red jerseys," admitted Mullen when queried about how much contact his quarterbacks had taken in the first full scrimmage this spring. "But people started hitting them and it looked like it was working. And they didn't seem to complain too much. They figured out they were getting hit, better get rid of the ball, lower their pads and run some." All of which... Recommended Stories

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