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Balis Puts Bulldogs Back To Hard Work

Balis Puts Bulldogs Back To Hard Work

Sure, the season was worth celebrating and the bowl trip a smash hit. But Matt Balis has a flash for the 2011 Bulldogs: not only is 2010 history, it was just one more stage in the long process. "It was incredible to see what they did," Balis said. "But it's over, it's done. Now we want to go to the next level, we want to compete for a championship."

The new year's competition is already underway in fact. Not with outside opposition, obviously. In the Mississippi State scheme of things defeating the other guys in fall starts by beating your teammate in…well, in just about everything the strength coach can come up with for the off-season regimen. And ohhhh, can he come up with lots of interesting ideas how to make the Bulldogs stronger, sharper... Recommended Stories

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